Here are some of our recent projects, please contact us for more information about our references.

  • Cost and efficiency improvement of existing cryogenic transport cooling system with 75,000 dosings/year and 3 distribution centres (France)

    Main improvements:

    • CO2 supply reliability
    • Improved employee safety



  • New cryogenic transport cooling system with closed system to cool all containers for 2,700 shops and 7 distribution centres (Poland)

    Main benefits:

    • No CO2 emissions
    • Cost efficiency: less CO2 and reduced indirect costs
    • Food safety: no interruption of the cold chain
    • Employee welfare: no risk of asphyxiation
    • CO2 supply reliability



  • Supply of Dry Ice for cryogenic transport cooling with 24/7 back-up system in place for 4,000 shops and 5 distribution centres (Poland)

    Main benefits:

    • CO2 supply reliability with 24/7 back-up delivery system in place
    • Telemetry on the CO2 tanks enabling GPRS-driven level tracking 



Please contact us for more information.