Compost cooling with CO2

The process of compost cooling helps to keep the temperature of compost below 20°C to avoid the premature growth of mushrooms during transport.

ACP is a highly experienced CO2 supplier for compost cooling. We can help you by designing new tailor-made installations or help you to optimise your existing compost cooling installations.

ACP can offer the following solutions:

  • injection of liquid CO2 with tailor-made snow horns
  • delivery of dry ice pellets to be used in compost

ACP puts particular emphasis on helping:

  • to assure real homogeneous cooling
  • to avoid overfrosting parts of the compost
  • with the right nozzle design to avoid clogging
  • to limit equipment installation costs by focusing on compact, easy to install, low investment equipment 

Advantages of compost cooling with carbon dioxide 

The main advantages of compost cooling with CO2 are:

  • Saves time and energy
  • Quality of cooling, maintains the desired temperature during transport which enables the grafted compost to remain very stable
  • For mushroom producers, damp compost reduces the risk of diseases and parasites
  • Preliminary watering of compost is no longer necessary, which shortens the production process

Why choose ACP CO2 for your compost cooling?

  • Reliability

    We are known for the quality of our CO2 and our reliable delivery.
    Since 1897, we have never failed to deliver to a single customer.

    Find out more about our liquid CO2 sourcing and production facilities in the EU

  • Our own engineers

    Our own engineers and technical team have many years of experience in designing, assembling and maintaining installations for storing and dosing CO2.

    ACP can be your partner for your tailor-made installation using equipment best suited to your needs.

  • We can help to simplify your life with automatic quantity controls

    You can have a CO2 telemetry installation on your tank which allows GPRS-driven quantity controls.
    You no longer need to check your stocks manually which helps with reordering in time.


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