Ice-Shuttle Full Integration

Automation of Dry Ice manufacturing and dosing equipment in your cold room.

Ice-Shuttle Full Integration is a real revolution in dosing CO2 in insulated containers for cold chain transport cooling.

With Ice-Shuttle Full Integration, ACP goes far beyond any existing systems.

The principle is to produce Dry Ice locally and ensure fully automated, ultra high-speed dosing. The result is a huge saving in labour costs, and more …

Ice-Shuttle Full Integration

What’s revolutionary:

  • Fully automated high speed dosing of the right quantity of Dry Ice in the right container
  • Up to 5 times faster than any other system on the market
  • Filling in small, low-cost plastic trays
  • Possibility of ‘closed door’ container filling
  • Full integration into your logistics chain

And also: 

  • Local Dry Ice production
  • Filling in the cold storage area
  • Similar variable dosing to Ice-Shuttle FLEX based on container size, transport time/distance and weather forecast
  • Online monitoring for reporting purposes and full traceability

Main benefits

  • Cost saving:
    • Reduced labour costs: automated filling up to 5 times faster
    • Up to 50% CO2 recovery
    • Reduced indirect costs: filling in cold room with no loss of cooling energy – no ventilation of working space required
    • Less CO2 thanks to variable dosing (reduced waste)
  • Transport efficiency: less space required for the cooling medium means more space for your goods in the container
  • Small, low-cost trays replace large expensive cassettes
  • Most reliable CO2 sourcing in Europe
  • Food safety: no interruption to the cold chain
  • Employee welfare: no risk of asphyxiation


  • Suitable for frozen and fresh foods
  • Compatible with any container type
  • Customisation options, such as integration in your ERP
  • Data storage on ACP’s own servers, with secured Internet access
  • 24/7 maintenance service
  • 24/7 back-up delivery system in place
  • Telemetry on the CO2 tanks enables GPRS-driven level tracking