Ice-Shuttle Dry Ice Supply

ACP, the company behind Ice-Shuttle, is a key producer of Dry Ice in Europe, with a large product range of blocks and slices, as well as pellets and nuggets.

ACP has the most reliable sourcing and production facilities of liquid CO2 in the EU:

  • 7 purification lines and 4 sites based on 6 independent CO2 sources
  • Priority to direct customers
  • Permanent 5-day buffer stock
  • Our plants are connected to each other by rail as an extra buffer  
  • Annual capacity of 600,000 tonnes

Furthermore, ACP has a Dry Ice production capacity of 10 tonnes per hour as well as an extensive network of Dry Ice partners across Europe.

Main benefits

  • The most reliable CO2 sourcing in Europe
  • Fast and flexible deliveries
  • Zero capex
  • Extensive geographic coverage within the EU