Carbon footprint

ACP takes actions towards a greener & sustainable world

Our climate is changing. Due to an increasing amount of greenhouse gases the earth is slowly warming up.
ACP recuperates carbon dioxide out of industrial and biological processes. Under normal circumstances this carbon dioxide would be released into the atmosphere. ACP captures the raw carbon dioxide, purifies it, turns it into liquid and creates a new high-quality raw material.

In order to determine and decrease the climate impact, ACP is collaborating with CO2logic. CO2logic is an organization specialized in the calculation, decrease and compensation of CO2 emission.

Throughout the years, ACP has taken several actions to decrease its impact on our climate. Reducing energy, water and raw material consumption at its own premises as well as at customers’ installations is a priority. Bigger storage tanks, new trailers, transport by rail … lead to less emission during the transport of liquid carbon dioxide.
On top of that, ACP’s employees are encouraged to save on energy.