Social responsibility

Social responsibility is one of ACP's core values used to measure its performance.
ACP's policy is concerned with human rights, working conditions, the environment, social commitment and development.
It is based on the seven principles of sustainable development and the ISO 26000 guidelines.

  1. Accountability

    In practice: Safe and environmentally friendly designs for our CO2 installations.

  2. Transparency

    In practice: Correct and open communication with regulators.

  3. Ethical behaviour

    In practice: ACP will not give any high value gifts or gifts which could be interpreted as bribery. Instead, ACP supports social projects such as Foundation against Cancer, International Aid & Development Organisations, etc.

  4. Respect for Stakeholder Interests

    In practice: Complaints are registered and checked.

  5. Respect for the Rule of Law

    In practice: Internal and external audits are organised on a regular basis. Irregularities are reported and solved in a timely manner.

  6. Respect for International Norms of Behaviour

    In practice: ACP respects the international standards in all countries where it is active and uses best practice.

  7. Respect for Human Rights

    In practice: No discrimination based on race, age or gender.

ACP received the EcoVadis Gold Recognition Certification