ACP launched third liquid CO2 purification line in Włocławek


The ACP Group launched a third liquid COpurification line with a 15 tons per hour capacity in Włocławek, Poland.

With this new production line, ACP has three independent food quality liquid CO2 purification lines and will reach a total production capacity of 37,5 t/hour. This results in a potential recovery of 300.000 tons of CO2 per year and allows an uninterrupted, 24/7 production covering the growing demand for pure liquid CO2.

Thanks to the advanced liquefaction and purification technology used by ACP, liquefied high purity carbon dioxide will meet all the quality requirements of international beverage producers, helping customers achieve the required standards.

Numerous market applications for the high quality of purified and liquefied carbon dioxide supplied to customers by ACP cover such areas as: beverages, feeding plants in greenhouses, production of chilled and frozen products, cryogenic transport or packaging of food in a protective atmosphere (MAP).

Thanks to the application of new technologies, the company will be able to expand its operations with new market segments and new applications.